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After extraction of frames from a video how to embed and extract an image in that video?

I am doing a major project on Video watermarking.Please help me with the matlab code.I am a new learner of matlab. It would be very kind of you , if you kindly help me with the video watermarking matlab code.


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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 25 Mar 2013
 Accepted Answer

Why don't you just do a weighted average of your watermark with your original frames, and write out the averaged frames?


Sir,as suggested by you i tried implementing the weighted average of my watermark with the original frames,and then writing out the averaged frames....I have used your coding,but there is an error occuring with the read function.I would like to know the alternative for the read function for your code.Sir please help me out,i need to implement embedding and extraction of an image into the frames of the video.

There is also an error occurring saying matrix dimensions must agree for the watermarkImage variable...Sir,Please help me out.I am looking forward to your help.

You have to add the same size matrices together. If your cover image is larger than your watermark, then crop out the desired chunk of your cover image, average them, then assign it back to your cover image.

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