How to cite only part of a vector in an equation?

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I am working on a health study. I have the daily contaminant levels in grinking water, for a month long period, for three different communities. I am trying to tabulate people's exposure based on how long they drank the water. So, if JaneDoe lived in Town A from 1/1/12-1/5/12 and then lived in Town B from 1/6/12-1/31/12, her level of exposure would be....
The question is how do I cite only part of a vector based on a date range? This is a population study of several thousand people so I can't manually call the date ranges for each participant in the study... The code would be something along the lines of:
if town=TownA,
then ....cite this part of TownA's contaminant vector, but on ly for the date range in wich JaneDoe lived there....the muchy part I don't know how to code:[
Thanks for any thoughts on this!

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Stephan on 8 Dec 2020
One possible way:
You could use findgroups in combination with splitapply. For example, a JaneDoe group would be a member of the corresponding group regardless of the cities in which they were staying, and a function can be applied to these group members so that it is comparatively easy to obtain this information.
An example for understanding can be found here:
Another possible way:
Try to tackle this with groupsummary which also allows to make calculations on grouped data.


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