dice similarity index between segmented image and ground truth

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Helo I have an segmented image , trying to find dice similarity index between the segmented image and ground truth.

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Anand on 26 Mar 2013
Edited: Anand on 26 Mar 2013
How about this:
dice = 2*nnz(segIm&grndTruth)/(nnz(segIm) + nnz(grndTruth))
This expects segIm and grndTruth to be of the same size. They must also be numeric or logical.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 Mar 2013
I don't understand. segIm is what he called your final segmented image - your final binary image after all processing has been done. What do you mean by "how to put is that whole image"? There is nothing to put, it is just a variable. And you stick the variable into the equation.

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APOORVA SAFAI on 17 Oct 2014
how to make the two images of same size if they differ?
Diah Junaidi
Diah Junaidi on 1 Aug 2019
(segIm&grndTruth) :
segIm = image that we wanna reference with
grndTruth = image that being reference
just determine what is segIm and grndTruth after you obtain them, just concatenate them (segIm&grndTruth)

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