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I want to convert an image to binary image and then extract hidden information from that image.

Asked by Shahed
on 27 Mar 2013

specially I want to extract hidden information from a bank note to detect counterfeit bank note. How can I do this ? please help.


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1 Answer

Answer by Orion
on 27 Mar 2013
Edited by Orion
on 27 Mar 2013

Well, converting an image to binary is easy enough. You can use im2bw

As for extracting hidden information, you're really going to have to give us more to work with. What kind of hidden information are you looking for?


Thanks for your response.

I mentioned earlier that, I want to extract hidden information from bank note(Bangladeshi bank note). I specially mean hidden information that which we see when we put the light behind the bank note as the seal of central bank or the name of central bank.

if you have more question please post here.

Is there a reason to believe that this information will be detectable from a (presumably) non-backlit image of such a bank note?

If I got you correctly,

I can say that if the image is original bank-note, then it has some hidden information. counterfeit bank note or duplicate or not original bank note does not contain all hidden information as the original note contain.

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