How can I do a scatter plot with different color and symbols

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Hi Everyone,
I want to plot scatter plot with diffrent symboles and color for my posative and negative data,
I have:
X: vector
Y vector
Z:[ -1 2 -3 4] so I made it:
Z1[NaN 2 Nan 4]
z2[-1 NaN -3 NaN]
I used:
scatter(X,Y,[],Z1,'r','filled','d'); hold on;
however it hasn't worked
Any help,
Thanks in advance!

Accepted Answer

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 8 Dec 2020
X = 0:4;
Y = 5:9;
Z = [ -1 2 -3 4];
ind = Z>=0;
hold on
hold off
Riyadh Muttaleb
Riyadh Muttaleb on 9 Dec 2020
I don't know how to attach the code and data, however, assume I have these data.
I want to make color and symble for -ve , +ve and NaN (OR zero something diffrent)
X = 0:6;
Y = 5:11;
Z = [ -1 2 -3 4 NaN NaN];

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Riyadh Muttaleb
Riyadh Muttaleb on 9 Dec 2020
I did it!
thank you so much for your time and help!


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