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Why does the function real return expressions containing i ?

Asked by Qingbin on 28 Mar 2013

For the following code, CEre is derived using the real function, but it contains i in the expression.

clc;clear all;
syms s;
syms  T1 T2 w tau1 tau2 real;
A=[0        1       0       0;
 0        0       1       0;
 0        0       0       1;
 -29.17   -56   -36.7   -10.1];
B1=[-1.55   1       0       0;
  -1    -0.3      0       0;
  0       0       0.5     0;
  -0.7    0       -0.34   -2.6];
B2=[0       0       0       0;
  1      1.5      4       0;
  0       0       0       0;
-0.33     0       0      -1.1];
B3=[0       0       0       0;
  0       0       0       0;
  0       0       0       0;
-0.08    -0.7     0       -1];
B4=zeros(4,4); B4(4,3)=-3;
tau3=0.169; tau4=0.26;
% ce=collect(cez,s);

After commenting off the function collect, the function real gives a result without the unity of complex i.


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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 28 Mar 2013

I have not tried the above code, but consider

syms w

The result may contain "i" because it is possible that w is complex itself.

In this particular case, the result could also be expressed as imag(w), but there are other cases that are more difficult to resolve, such as

real((w + 1i)^2)

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syms  T1 T2 w tau1 tau2 real

In the code above, it is defined that w is real. So

real(w*1i) = 0 

In fact, using the code above, all the variables are real.

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Answer by Ahmed A. Selman on 28 Mar 2013
Edited by Ahmed A. Selman on 29 Mar 2013

Check the math, e.g.:

  TheEq=w*1i*eye(n)-A-B1*e1-B2*e2- B3*(cos(tau3*w)-1i*sin(tau3*w))-B4*cos(tau4*w)-1i*sin(tau4*w); 

Then see what do



Why do you use (1i) instead of (i) only? If it is not declared before, then (i or j) alone are assumed a unity of complex in Matlab.


1i is safer than i or j, as then you do not need to worry about i or j having been accidentally assigned.

If someone wrote a code, he shouldn't have to worry about accidents :)

Be safe, program defensively. And make it easier for other people to read.

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