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Are there any MATLAB Support Packages which will work for a Vernier LabQuest Mini or Vernier Wireless Dynamics Sensor System (WDSS)?

Asked by Nicholas
on 29 Mar 2013

Hello :)

I plan to collect "real-time" data using MATLAB from one or two Vernier 3-axis accelerometer(s) connected to a Vernier LabQuest Mini.

Using this data I want to calculate the orientation and angular acceleration of the sensor(s).

I noticed that there is a MATLAB Support Package for the Vernier SensorDAQ.

Is it possible to use this Support Package with my LabQuest Mini (since both devices are essentially data-collection interfaces)?

Alternatively, is there another Support Package that anyone knows of which will allow me to use the LabQuest Mini with MATLAB?

In addition, I also have a Vernier Wireless Dynamics Sensor System which connects to my computer via bluetooth. Are there any available MATLAB support packages which will work for this device too?

Any help or knowledge will be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you!



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