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Question on Image transformation

Asked by Mubeen
on 29 Mar 2013
Latest activity Commented on by Image Analyst
on 14 Feb 2017

Hey guys. I have a question on changing the perspective of an image. Using this resource: I found a way to calculate the transformation matrix, but how do I use this to create a new image with the change in perspective?

Thanks for the help!


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3 Answers

Answer by Alex Taylor on 2 Apr 2013
 Accepted Answer

Hi Mubeen,

If you have R2013a, you should look at the class projective2d and the function imwarp.

You can use projective2d to compute forward and inverse point transformations. You can use imwarp and projective2d together to form the resampled output image that is produced by applying a projective transformation.

If you are using previous versions of the Image Procesing Toolbox, you should use the analogous workflow with maketform('projective',___) and imtransform.

We refer the transformation you are referring to as a projective transformation in the Image Processing Toolbox.


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Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 29 Mar 2013

doc imwarp
doc imtransform


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Answer by Image Analyst
on 31 Mar 2013


Hi guys, I am working on the same thing, I want to rotate image I which is gray scale image, by rotation matrix R which is 3x3 matrix. I am trying to use imwarp with projective2d. but the problem is imwarp changes the size of image.. I want the image size to remain same

Call imcrop() or imresize() to make it whatever you want after you've warped it.

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