assigne values to multiple indexes of a struct array.

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Hi all, I have a struct array A containing multiple fields. i.e A.time, A.frame and etc.
In the code I produce multiple instances of this variable and store them like following:
having an array B holding the interested indexes of A (i.e B = [1, 3, 5]), I want to set the value (update) of the specific field of those indexes I have in B. Say I would like t do A(B).time = 5;
is there anyway I can do that in Matlab? simply running the command above would give me an error.
However I can get the value of a specific field from multiple indexes of A by running following command:
C = [A(B).frame];
is there a similar approach to set the values?

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Jan on 2 Apr 2013
Look in the "Tips" in the documentation of deal.

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