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How to get data from a website

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Adriano on 18 Dec 2020
Commented: Adriano on 18 Dec 2020
Hi all,
I need to get "Ongoing charge" data (0,11%) from this url:
How can I do it? I tried using webread function but I didn't find the information. Thanks to all!

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Rik on 18 Dec 2020
I can't tell you what you did wrong, because you decided not to post what you have tried. That meant I had to write your code from scratch. I resisted the urge to extract a different parameter and let you modify the code to get to the proper result.
pat='<th>Ongoing charge</th>';
ans = '0.11%'
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Adriano on 18 Dec 2020
Hi Rik!
thanks for your answer. I was using your string:
than I press ctrl+F in the command windows looking for the string "ongoing charge", but I didn't find it. I don't know why. Thanks for your code, it works!

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