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Error: Matrices Must Agree

Asked by Kam Selley on 4 Apr 2013


I am attempting to run the below function but I keep getting the error "Error using - : Matrices must agree". I have added as many periods as I thought I needed and still can't get it to work. x1 and x2 are both scalar values. Uunder0 is a (2x1) matrix. The error occurs in my funTRmvn function.

Any help please:

a1 = 2
a2 = 3
b1 = 1
b2 = 4
%function 4
    funTRmvn = @(x1,x2) (1./(((2*pi)^(P./2)).*((det(Sigma0)).^(1./2)))).*(exp(((transpose(Uunder0-x1))).*(inv(Sigma0)).*(x2-Uunder0)));
    TRmvn = integral2(funTRmvn,a1,b1,a2,b2); 

Thanks Kam


Please post a complete copy of the error message.

Provide values for

    P, Uunder0, Sigma0 

Do they "agree"? Is funTRmvn supposed to return a real value?


  • rename a1, a2, b1 and b2 to xmin, xmax, ymin and ymax
  • implement funTRmvn as an ordinary function and debug it carefully

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