GigE Vision Devices on Windows 7

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chotan on 9 May 2011
Hi, I'm trying to install GigE Vision Devices on Windows 7 in Matlab 2010b for a Basler Ace series camera. I saw there was a bug in R2010b for GigE Vision Devices and I followed that also. But problem is to get the output from the camera. So i go through the troubleshooting - imaqhwinfo shows 'gige' adapter perfectly but imaqsupport is showing
??? Error using ==> imaqsupport at 63 Cannot open file for writing.
Why this kind of message is coming?
From 'Software Configuration' how can I check following files are installed properly in Windows 7?
GENICAM_CACHE_V2_0=C:\WINNT\Profiles\All Users\Application Data\GenICam\xml\cache
GENICAM_LOG_CONFIG_V2_0=C:\Program Files\GenICam_v2_0\log\config\
GENICAM_ROOT_V2_0=C:\Program Files\GenICam_v2_0
Any kind of feedback will be appreciable.
Regards, Chotan

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 9 May 2011
Do you have UAC enabled on the machine? Some of the locations in the environment variables mentioned above may not be writable by non-Admin users (or users who are not elevated). Some possible ways to troubleshoot:
  1. Disable UAC entirely by going to Control Panel > User Accounts > User Accounts and disabling UAC. This will require a reboot and does lower the security level of your host -- so I suggest using it with caution as a way to troubleshoot only.
  2. Run MATLAB in an elevated session by starting it as Administrator. See if the issue persists.
If the above steps work, I think the most likely culprit is the GENICAM_CACHE_V2_0 variable, which is attempting to write under the OS install directory. The default location of user profiles in Windows has been moved outside of the OS install directory for a few releases to avoid this issue -- your profile directory is in the "old" location. The second place that may be causing problems is in the GENICAM_LOG_CONFIG_V2_0 variable, if something is trying to update that as a user. I believe that is also prohibited under UAC for "regular" users.

chotan on 9 May 2011
Hi Jason,
Thanks for your kind reply. I try with UAC disabling but the result is same at 2010b.
But I try with R2011a (without changing UAC) "imaqsupport" command which is working perfectly and showing the "imaqsupport.txt" file, where at the end it mentions-
GENICAM_CACHE_V2_0 = C:\ProgramData\GenICam\xml\cache C:\ProgramData\GenICam\xml\cache present.
GENICAM_LOG_CONFIG_V2_0 = C:\Program Files\GenICam_v2_0\log\config\ C:\Program Files\GenICam_v2_0\log\config\ present.
GENICAM_ROOT_V2_0 = C:\Program Files\GenICam_v2_0 C:\Program Files\GenICam_v2_0 present.
Lets see what kind of bugs will come later. Thanks once again.

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