How can I find the electrical field at (0.56, 0.70)?

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Find analytical value of charge on the
% coaxial cable capacitor plates
Q = 10*2*pi*L / (log(0.8) - log(0.2))
% find analytical values of the electric field in the
% dielectric
E = Q ./(2*pi*vr*L)
El = (s(2:end,1) - s(1:end-1,1))/hr
% Find numerical values of electric field (the s contains values of
% electric potential)
En = (s(2,:) - s(1,:))/hr
% Just check the integral of the charge (should match the analytical
% value)
Q = sum(En(1:end-1))*hz
% find value of the capacitance
C = Q/U
% This should produce the voltage U, as this represents the
% integral over r from r_a to r_b (Stokes Theorem)

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Accepted Answer

Kathryn Akmal
Kathryn Akmal on 9 Jan 2021
You can use the find() command to find the index of the x and y values you're interested in, and take that index of the array containing the electrical field values. Something like this:

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