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Bird Eye View Image

Asked by Algorithms Analyst on 10 Apr 2013

Hi all I have 4 images front back right and left and I want to transfer these set of images into bird eye view.

How can I do it in matlab?

Any help is appreciated



What information do you have about the relative positions from which the images were taken? What information do you have about the focal length (or any other information that might allow you to calculate distances by parallax) ?

the 6 images are taken from different view this contains

image1=front image
image2=up right image
image3=low right image
image4=back image
image5=low left image
image6=up left image.

And I think we need to use homography concept is that right? What are steps do I need to take to transfer these set of images in to bird eye view. I think we can do geometric transformations.

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2 Answers

Answer by Yao Li
on 10 Apr 2013



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Answer by Image Analyst
on 10 Apr 2013

This capability does not exist built-in in MATLAB, unless you want to write something yourself. There is some information here:

Perhaps you'll need to use Autodesk, which can do what you're asking for: Watch their video. It's quite impressive. It would take you and all your friends years to make something not even as good as that in MATLAB, so why bother when you can just buy 123D Catch?


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Then you should have labeled it as "homework" - I'll do this now for you. Since you have to do it yourself, you should use the formulas your professor went over in class, or get help from him with the concepts listed in the Wikipedia article I gave you. I don't have any code to give you on that subject. By the way, you should review some of your old posts and accept answers from people who have helped you.

those posts which are helpful i always appreciate.

You can post follow up questions as comments to the discussion if you feel that the Answers posted so far were not helpful and your question remains unanswered.

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