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Prevent evalc('help fun') from outputting HTML when running in terminal

Asked by Szabolcs
on 11 Apr 2013

When running in terminal mode (-nodesktop switch), "help pi" will output a readable message:

 >> help pi
 PI     3.1415926535897....
    PI = 4*atan(1) = imag(log(-1)) = 3.1415926535897....
    Reference page in Help browser
       doc pi

However, evalc('help pi') will output HTML:

>> evalc('help pi')

 ans =
 <strong>pi</strong>     3.1415926535897....
    <strong>pi</strong> = 4*atan(1) = imag(log(-1)) = 3.1415926535897....
    Reference page in Help browser
       <a href="matlab:doc pi">doc pi</a>

How can I prevent the generation of HTML when using evalc()?

This is not only a problem for documentation text, but also for messages obtained using MException.message.


I would also appreciate more information on where MATLAB gets these messages from. There is a pi.m file at toolbox/matlab/elmat/pi.m which contains the plain text version of the message. Is the message actually read from this file? What about the HTML version? It doesn't look like the plain text version contains enough markup to generate the HTML from it, so where does the HTML version come from?


My main aim is still to get evalc() to give me the plain text version of messages.


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