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Solving a Differential equation plus plotting results: Fluid Mechanics

Asked by Kyle
on 12 Apr 2013

I am trying to create a code to: 1) Solve this differential Equation for h(t) (or h2) in terms of t. 2) Solve for t at a certain h2. 3) Plot h2 versus t

the equation is (dh/dt)=(-36290.323)*[(((2*mw*g*t)/(Gama*Atank))+(2*g*h))^(1/2)]

Thank you for your help.


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1 Answer

Answer by Youssef Khmou
on 12 Apr 2013

hi Kyle,

You can try as the following :

1) Create a function in M-file inwhich you define the equation :

function dh=MYFunc(t,h)

2) In the workspace you call the function "ode23" or "ode45" as :

 t0=0; % staring time
 tf=10; %  t final
 Initial_value=2; % the initial value for h
 figure, plot(t,abs(h));

Adjust the parameters, and try ...because in this case h is complex .


Thank you for your help Youssef.

Code is working great. One question I have about the code for part 2. I have the final value of h that I am looking for. Is there a way to plug in the initial and final values to get tf?

hi Kyle,

no i can not tell, that may be possible if we already know the Sampling frequency of t .

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