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Finding iris boundary in eye

Asked by Harish
on 13 Apr 2013
I am able to find pupil circle but not able to find iris circle from these images. I'm using Iris Recognition Libor Masek code for segmentation. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to segment iris from these images


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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 13 Apr 2013
 Accepted Answer

No, this eye pretty much has no iris. Best you can do is to find the center of the pupil and go out a predetermined radius from the center, assuming this iris will be the average diameter iris.


I would think so, but you'd better check how people do it in section 21.5.3 and subsections here:,%20Detection,%20Tracking,%20Gesture%20Recognition,%20Fingerprints,%20Biometrics. You're not pioneering new ground here (that I can see, at least not yet), so you might as well follow the examples of people who have done it successfully before you and published working results.
Thanks for the reference. I was able to segment the 1st eye.
and this is normalised and polar form image
Will this be useful for Iris recognition? I mean the information will be enough for performing matching?
I would guess not. You have clutter from the upper eyelashes, a line from the lower lid, and no structure in the iris. But I'm not an expert in iris recognition. I expect you'll learn a lot more from those papers I referred you to than from me, once you get around to looking at them, which I hope you will do.

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