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How can i use audioplayer function to play many wav files?

How can i use audioplayer function to play many wav files?
The current example show me how to play a wav file. how can i make this function play 22 wav files one by one?
%load c.mat file where 22 wav files is found in the workspace
load c;
%set player as audioplayer function that play '1'
player = audioplayer (1, fs);
%play sound named in player
play (player, [1 (get (player, 'SampleRate') *3)]);
I need to play 2,3,4,5... 22. That I have loaded in the workspace. Thank you.


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 15 Apr 2013
 Accepted Answer

is the "1" here a file name? You cannot have a variable named "1" or "2" or so on. audioplayer(1, fs) asks to play the sound created by the single sample whose value is 1.0
audioplayer() is not able to play multiple files in itself. I also do not find any documented method of changing the sample data after the object is created. It appears that it might be necessary to delete the audioplayer object and create a new one with the new sample list.


I'm sorry 1,2,3... 22 is actually a file named bi,ci,di,... zi. I tried to simplified the question by asking how to play 22 wav files one after another.
Is it okay to play them with one continuing immediately after the other? If so then create a single matrix of samples by vertcat()'ing all of the data together.
thanks! the link you provided earlier solve it. :)

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