how many samples a filtered signal will be shifted from the original one.

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Hi all.
I have a raw signal recorded with 60Hz sampling rate. All the magnitudes values is associated with a time value in seconds. i.e. signal = [amp, time; amp2, time;]
I smppth the signal by appling convolution with a 60-point Bartlett window. What I would like to do is to find how many sample the filtered signal is shifted comare to the raw signal data. I mean I would like to plot the both signal and asscocite the same timing vecrtor to the filtered signal.
how many samples from the begining or the end of the signal I should ignore? or add to synchronized the resulting filtered signal withe the original one

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen on 28 May 2013
For a linear phase filter, the shift is determined by the group delay of the filter.

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Matt J
Matt J on 27 May 2013
Edited: Matt J on 27 May 2013
If you use conv(A,B,'same'), the extra signal values will be removed for you automatically.

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