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How can I improve the response of this system with a hydraulic motor?

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Pablo Sordo
Pablo Sordo on 2 Feb 2021
Commented: Pat Gipper on 3 Feb 2021
I am trying to get the response of a system that converts the motion of a cylinder into rotational energy in a hydraulic motor. I think the design is fine, but the parameters don’t quite fit. The hydraulic motor is 250 cc.
I have a problem with the accumulator as can be seen in the figure Mid_Scope. I have tried varying the parameters many times, but I cannot smooth the signal.
The hydraulic motor also gives a very poor response: e-6 (Fig. w_Scope).
I would be grateful if someone could give me some advice to improve the results. Thank you very much in advance.
Pat Gipper
Pat Gipper on 3 Feb 2021
The check valves would be placed in the lines just above the SCOPE 1 and SCOPE 2 measurement points, with the check valves A port pointing down towards the tank.

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