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using trapz to solve integral M=Q(t)*C(t) @ t1=2 & t2=8 ,where Q(t)= (9+5*(cos(.4*t)).^2) and C(t)= 5*exp(-.5*t) + 2*exp(.15*t), why is the following entry not accepted? M =(9+5*(cos​(.4*t)).^2​).*(5*exp(​-.5*t) + 2*exp(.15*t))

Asked by Randy
on 24 Apr 2013

Error in FINALP4_matlab (line 8) M =(9+5*(cos(.4*t)).^2).*(5*exp(-.5*t) + 2*exp(.15*t))

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do you mean between t = 2 and t = 8? have you defined t?

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