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Sidelobe suppression using Windowing

Asked by anuj
on 27 Apr 2013

I need a MATLAB code for suppressing sidelobes in a signal using any of the windowing technique.Code should generate a random signal and do the windowing of sidelobes to suppress them.


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2 Answers

Answer by Wayne King
on 27 Apr 2013

There are many examples of this in the Signal Processing Toolbox documentation.

Just multiply the signal vector by your window of choice and then take the Fourier transform.



at the command line and you can explore the different sidelobe levels for various windows.


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Answer by anuj
on 30 Apr 2013

i want to analyse suppression on ofdm how do i insert the ofdm code in the wintool? so that i can observe the sidelobe suppression in ofdm using various windows??


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