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Option of TLM generation not present???

Asked by Amit
on 29 Apr 2013
Latest activity Commented on by Kaustubh Mahakalkar on 10 Mar 2015

Hello all,

Is this possible to develop system C and TLM code of any block in matlab by providing functionality and configuration parametres of block in matlab??

As I had seen One example of filter in matlab whose matlab code is automatically developed in matlab by including systemC and TLM libraraies.

But when I tried for some other block ,then I am not getting the option of TLM code generation as it was there in case of example of filter on matlab

You can see the default example by following commands:





Please explain this, and let me know if you get this TLM code generation in other block you develop through simulink.

Thanks with Regards

Amit Kumar

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I'm too facing the same model of TLM generation for my model. Pls. do answer If anyone gets the solution.

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