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error in writematrix command (using loop)

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Ivan Mich
Ivan Mich on 14 Feb 2021
Commented: dpb on 15 Feb 2021
I have a syntax problem with a code. I want to use writematrix command in order to get output files from my code. Previously in my code I use for in order to create a loop. I would like for each loop to create a specific output. I use
for z=1:size(d2,1) %d2 is a matrix from input file)
writematrix(A,'output',num2str(z),'.xlsx') % A is an output matrix I want to create
but command window shows me an error.
Could you please help me?
dpb on 15 Feb 2021
First does, too, if don't forget to add the other "+" after pasting original...
>> z=1;
>> "output"+z+".xlsx"
ans =
It doesn't have the nicety of the leading zero in the numeric field to ensure sorting in numeric order the other does, compose could take care of that.

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