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Display images in Gui axes

Asked by Straton
on 6 May 2013

Hello, I am relatively a new matlab user and a programmer generally. I have created a GUI and I want to display the results of the program on the gui. The results are images, which come from a table Image(i). I added 20 axes on my gui to print the 20 first images of this table. The axes are called im1,im2...im20. How could I do a for loop to display each image on each axes respectively? Is it possible to handle the string im1, so it will be like imi and every time i increases it will become im1,im2 etc.? Thanks in advance


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1 Answer

Answer by Jan Simon
on 6 May 2013
 Accepted Answer

See: FAQ: How to create variables A1, A2, ... in a loop

Summary: Don't do this. Use an index instead like im(1), im(2), .... Then using a loop is trivial.

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Thank you. Even though I solved it a few minutes ago, your solution is simple and clever. Thanks!

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