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How can I calculate respiration rate from a respiration signal based on specific onsets?

Asked by Gil Sharvit on 8 May 2013
Latest activity Edited by Peter Gamma on 21 Nov 2019 at 8:21
Dear Matlab experts,
I have a respiration data and I wish to find a way to calculate the respiration rate in specific epochs that I can manually specify.
Is there a way to do that? or any known toolbox?
Thank you very much in advance, Gil


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2 Answers

Answer by Wayne King
on 8 May 2013

You should be able to just do that with a frequency-domain analysis by either computing the DFT (via FFT), or using a nonparametric PSD estimator from the Signal Processing Toolbox, periodogram(), or pwelch()


Did someone already create a code for calculating respiration rate, which can easily be modified?
Is it necessary to have a different algorythm for calculating heart rate than for calculating respiratory rate? Is it possible to modify the following algorythm for calculating respiratory rate?:
Here I found another way to calculate the heart rate:
ECG Signal Processing in MATLAB - Detecting R-Peaks: Full
Can this be modified to calculate the respiratory rate?

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Answer by nur syahida shahdan on 29 Oct 2019

Hi. anyone know the equation to calculate respiration rate?
I try to use this coding but it seem like for the heart beat.
dataset = xlsread('rrest-syn192_data.xlsx','Sheet1','A1:B30000')
s = dataset(:,1)
%y = dataset(:,2)
data = [s];
N1 = length(s)
t=0:1/500 : N1/500-1/500
title('Plot of signal')
[pks,locs,w,p] = findpeaks(data)
peak_count = (a/2)
Duration_s = (N1/500)
Duration_m = (Duration_s/60)
total_rate_per_minute = (peak_count/Duration_m)


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So far we need to used Digital filtering and wavelet decomposition method to extract the respiration rate?
I think so. But we can also try out peak detection of the respiraton signal as it was done for ecg signals. As far as I know, nobody did try it out to this date.
You tried to code it. Did it work? The problem could eventually be the flatter peaks of respiration signals.

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