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Help for running scripts in parallel

Asked by SuperNano on 11 May 2013


I am acquiring data from an instrument into a matlab variable, and everytime I fill the variable I need to manipulate the data and start a new data acquisition/manipulation cycle.

I have 4 cores to work with and I'm trying to make good use of my resources to make the process as efficient as possible. So I am trying to learn how to run my scripts so that I have the acquisition script run in one core and the manipulation function on a different core, such that a new acquisition can start while analysing the previous data set in parallel.

I plan to do this by opening a pool of workers, run the acquisition script and from that script run a batch command to run the manipulation function in a different worker. I have a few doubts about this though that I would appreciate some help with:

  1. The obvious ones... Is it possible to do it this way? Is it the best way to achieve what I want?
  2. If so, when I run the batch command from my acquisition script, will matlab automatically run it on a different worker? Or do I need set it manually?
  3. When I run the batch command, will the main script continue to run while the function in the batch command runs in the other worker?

Really appreciate any help anyone could give me in this matter.


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