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Troubles with modeling step response in Simulink

Asked by Katarina on 12 May 2013


I am a SIMULINK newbie and I am having troubles with modeling step response of my system using this tool. I would really appreciate if you can look at my code and point me in a right direction!

When I try to model my system that already works just fine in regular MATLAB code in SIMULINK, I am getting really funky responses for some reason and I do not understand why. All the transfer functions and the controllers are the same, and it really is not a very complicated system overall.

I have posted both of my matlab and simulink codes here --> NA.

Thank you for your time + help in advance!

- Kat


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1 Answer

Answer by Iman Ansari on 13 May 2013
 Accepted Answer

Delete your Integrator block, you didn't define it in your code.

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Thank you. Fresh set of eyes are always appreciated.

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