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How to delete empty rows in a cell array?

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Haron Shaker
Haron Shaker on 25 Feb 2021
Commented: Rik on 25 Feb 2021
Hello guys,
I want to delete all rows in a cell array which are empty, respectively where it says 'missing value'. I tried several functions but did not get the desired result.
I attached a screenshot for you to get an idea.
Thanks in advance!
Haron Shaker
Haron Shaker on 25 Feb 2021
Hi Jan ,
thanks for your answer.
I am using Matlab. I got an cell array, saved as .xls. Opening this file I get a 7x1 cell array (see founded_medicine_folder.xls), where three of the rows are empty. That is, I want to get an 4x1 array, without the empty ones.
I wrote both, "empty or 'missing value'", because reading the file with readcell() fills the empty rows with '1x1 missing'.

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 25 Feb 2021
empty = cellfun('isempty', C);
C(empty) = [];
Rik on 25 Feb 2021
This is so similar to Jan's answer that I'm going to post it as a comment:
empty = cellfun('isclass', C, 'missing');
C(empty) = [];
C{1} = https:/ C{2} = https:/ C{3} = https:/ C{4} = https:/

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