control stepper motor using MATLAB and Arduino

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I am trying to set up a stepper motor connected to an Arduino Uno with motor shield mounted on it.
The motor works through Arduno IDE.
I am trying to translate the code in MATLAB ...without success
here is my arduino code:
// Include the Stepper library<br>#include
#include <Stepper.h>
// Declare the used pins
int dirA = 12;
int dirB = 13;
int pwmA = 3;
int pwmB = 11;
// Declare a Stepper motor with 200 steps
Stepper stepper1(200, dirA, dirB);
void setup() {
// PWM pins require declaration when used as Digital
pinMode(pwmA, OUTPUT);
pinMode(pwmB, OUTPUT);
// Set PWM pins as always HIGH
digitalWrite(pwmA, HIGH);
digitalWrite(pwmB, HIGH);
// Set stepper motor speed
void loop(){
// Turn the stepper 100 steps which means 180 degrees
// Wait half second
// Turn the stepper 100 steps back which means 180 degrees
// Wait half second
and here is my MATLAB code:
clear all
global a;
% a = arduino('COM3','Uno');
a = arduino('COM3','Uno','Libraries','Adafruit\MotorShieldV2'); % load arduino package including motor shield
%% create shield object to control the motor
shield = addon(a,'Adafruit\MotorShieldV2');
sm = stepper(shield,1,200);
%% specify speed and movement direction
for i = 1:5
sm.RPM = 30;
move(sm, 200);
move(sm, -200);
any idea why it does not move ? the code per se should be correct (I do not get any error).
Thanks !
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Ernest Arranz Pasqual
Ernest Arranz Pasqual on 31 Oct 2022
Hi, I'm also working on a stepper matlab arduino project. From what I undersand here:
it seems the problem is the pause function which can't operate with values low enough.

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