How to save clustergram as fig file using code?

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I generate a clustogram using R2016a,
cgo = clustergram(rand(94,250),...
'Cluster','column',... %'column'/'row'/'all' or
The clustergram was shown.
To save it as fig file, one way is to click File-Export Setup-Export, then select fig format.
I want to find a way to save it by code, but save(cgo,'path') does not work as cgo is not a figure object.
One solution is call
fig = cgo.plot
this will show another figure that can be saved as regular figure. However, one info is lost in fig:
When I click on datapoint on cgo image, it will pop up a small window showing x/y label information, but this information is lost if I click on the fig object, andthis information replaced by RGB information instead.
Is there a code to do the examly same thing as "click File-Export Setup-Export, then select fig format."?

Answers (1)

KALYAN ACHARJYA on 27 Feb 2021
One way:

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