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How to perform a simulation with a Neural Network generated by nprtool using additional data on simulink?

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Dear All,
As a part of my undergrad project, I was asked to create a neural network in order to classify EEG signals in order to identify moments when people are thinking about, for example, to move their right hand. Therefore, the Neural Network Pattern Recognition Tool was used in order to generate and train the network using samples from 65 different EEG signals - each input is a 65-row column matrix. It was also necessary for me to use signals from other people in order to demonstrate that the neural network would not perform its activity correctly for EEG signals from other people, which leads to my question:
How is it possible to simulate the operation of the Neural Network on Simulink, using a 65x200000 matrix (that means 20000 samples of each of the 65 signals)? Bear in mind that the input must be a 65x1 matrix.
Best regards.

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