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How can I simulate the tension on the sensor?

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Li Qing
Li Qing on 2 Mar 2021
Commented: Li Qing on 4 Mar 2021
For a three-dimensional coastal monitoring environment, underwater acoustic sensor nodes are all equipped with air pumps and anchored to the seafloor by cables of different lengths, forming an underwater three-dimensional wireless sensor network. The force analysis of the node P when it is impacted by the current is as follows:
In the figure, Fb is the buoyancy force applied to P (F =ρgV ), Fg is the gravity of P,Fl is P by the tension of the rope. Fc is the impact force of the ocean current on the node and is the main factor that affects the node motion.Due to the influence of water flow, the sensor node is not necessarily in a static state, and its range of motion is hemisphere.Range of motion of underwater sensor nodes is as follows:
Now,the sensor node is equipped with a tension sensor.How can I simulate the pulling force of the sensor node at different positions?How do I calculate the horizontal component of the pulling force?

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 3 Mar 2021
as far as I can see, the Fb and Fg forces are given, only Fc is unknown. So you have to generate a range of values for Fc that will let you compute the angle of the rope (vs vertical line) and the magnitude of th tension in the rope. This is the output of writing the equilibriul of forces in both horizontal and vertical directions

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