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What should I do if the brightness of backgroud is very close to foreground?

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I have some images that I want to segment. However, The the brightness of backgroud is very close to foreground in my images.
Here is a example,
The red circled object is what I want. But after trying different methods, this is what I got
Is there any suggestions to get a better result? These segmented images are used to be mask for 3D segmentation by using ‘activecontour’. Other images have similar problem. And as you can imagine, The 3D structure is much larger than what I want.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 Mar 2021
They don't look that close. Thresholding should work fairly well. Otherwise use SegNet deep learing if you need to identify triangular protuberances. Not sure what you want though. What you got looks OK to me. Why is it not? What do you need to measure from it. Tell me so I can know how important holes and shape are.

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