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Allowing zoom feature along with mouse click actions in GUIDE.

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Rajesh Kontham
Rajesh Kontham on 4 Mar 2021
I am developing application using matlab GUIDE. This application allows the user to add/remove annotations on image using mouse click action function. Now there is a need to allow zoom feature so that user can zoom in the image and perform the mouse actions.
I am able to use zoom and pan actions using mouse to reach the needed region. Then disabling them, for mouse actions. When I click on the image, mouse based action is succesfully done, but when I want to display the new image which has one new mark, it goes back to original position. I would need to programatically zoom and pan to the position the mouse had reached before. I am stumped on how to do it.
Changing the YLIM or XLIM is no go, it seems. I would need to find the zoom factor, then zoom it. Then pan the image to the needed region.
How to find the zoom factor, and pan the image programatically.

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