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matlab 2010a and matlab 2012b

Asked by Ahmed Fadhil Hassoney on 19 May 2013

Hello, I have designed model using matlab 2010a version then I need to use "Interpreted MATLAB Function" but I didnt find in that version so I instilled matlab 2012b but I surprised alot of blocks not available in this version like "FFT, IFFT, DWT, IDWT" end many other like some scopes and if u want to call from or to workspace..

Also I didnt DAQ toolbox "oscilloscope" in matlab 2012b!

can you help me please..



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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 19 May 2013


Ok, thanks for that, how about other blocks I didn't find blocks such as FFT, IFFT, DWT, IDWT and many others even the scope and from and to workspace is very limit not like that in the old version 2010a?

Sorry, I do not know about those blocks.

Is your R2010a version possibly a Student Version license? R2012b would not be Student Version.

Yes it is student version university activation code.. Ohh ok thanks..

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