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problem with matlab code while receiving from nexys2 board

Asked by Jim
on 19 May 2013


I am working with nexys2 board

From the nexys2 board I am able to send 2 bytes of data to matlab

But the problem is that matlab is not able to receive the data

Can anyone please explain me where is the problem

nexys = serial('COM1', 'BaudRate', 9600, 'Parity', 'odd', 'Terminator', '', 'Timeout', 1);
myNum = 4563;
%fprintf(nexys, 'd1539'); %Fungerar
%fprintf(nexys, 'd%4d', myNum); %Fungerar
for i=1:2
    fprintf(nexys, 's');
    scan_s1 = fscanf(nexys,'%s')-0;
    fprintf(nexys, 't');
    scan_s2 = fscanf(nexys,'%s')-0;
%scan_s1 = fscanf(nexys,'%s')-0;
%s1_dec = char2dec('s1'); %Fungerar inte
sensor1 = scan_s1*2;
sensor2 = scan_s2*2;

Thanks in advance


Hi walter,

I am getting error like this

Warning: Unsuccessful read: A timeout occurred.

yes exactly the timeout error

Why I am getting this?

Can you please suggest something for this

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