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URGENT....!!!! Error Using xlswrite R2012a Ubuntu 12.04

Asked by Priya
on 22 May 2013

I have been using xlswrite function since years in R2011a Matlab version in windows.

Now my work has shifted to ubuntu 12.04 and I downloaded latest MAtlab version R2012a.

xlswrite function is not working. It shows following error:

"" Error using xlswrite (line 188) An error occurred on data export in CSV format.

Caused by:

Error using dlmwrite (line 118) The input cell array cannot be converted to a matrix. ""

I don't know why the error is showing csv or dlmwrite related errors while I am working with excel sheets.

1 Answer

Answer by Friedrich
on 22 May 2013
Edited by Friedrich
on 22 May 2013


the doc for xlswrite cleary states:

If your system does not have Excel for Windows, or if the COM server (part of the typical installation of Excel) is unavailable, then the xlswrite function:
Writes array A to a text file in comma-separated value (CSV) format.

Since you are using Linux you don't have Excel => MATLAB tries writing a CSV file using the dlmread command, which fails because the cell data you try to write cant be converted into a matrix.

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Is there no alternative command for linux. It will be difficult to switch to windows just for MATLAB, as all my work goes on in linux.

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