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How to convert and write nested cell arrays into a TXT file without adding extra quotes?

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Hello everyone,
I wanted to convert a (293 x 1) cell containing only one datatype (string) into a TXT file. The TXT file should look exactly like the plane.mat file without any additional " " quotes. I wanted to achieve this with the following command:
writecell(CATIA_EBENE_MAKRO, 'Test.txt')
However once I open the TXT file I have some issues with the representation:
1.) I do not know how to get rid of the additional " " quotes from the string data type
2.) In some lines the " " quotes are strangely adding up by one in the TXT file compared to the original plane.mat file:
'Set hybridShapeSpline11= hybridShapes1.Item("Spline.1")' % e.g 11th row of the 293 x 1 cell in the plane.met file
"'Set hybridShapeSpline11= hybridShapes1.Item(""Spline.1"")'" % e.g 11th in the TXT File after the conversion
% Notice: The "Spline.1" is intended. It just bother me that after that the TXT file (after conversion) shows ""Spline.1""
So I would like to ask you if I could, e.g with the cellfun command, get rid of the outer " " quotes as well as solve the problem with the "" "" double quotes? Since I am not familiar with the data export to a different file I would like to ask you if you have a code in mind?

Accepted Answer

David Jacob
David Jacob on 8 Mar 2021
You can use fopen() and fprintf() for that.
  1. Open your the file you want to write to in writing mode: f=fopen('Test.txt','w')
  2. Add each row of that cell array as a string to your file: fprintf(f,'%s\n',CATIA_EBENE_MAKRO{:})
  3. Make sure to close the file: fclose(f)

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