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Method for quick toggling of 'CodeParserServiceOn' in R2013a

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Hi, I recently upgraded Matlab from R2012b to R2013a and noticed that the editor was much slower in large files and keeps slowing down when editing large files until it takes up to a couple of seconds per edit.
The Problem seems to be the code parse services (as explained in this solution: and after turning them off, there is no noticeable delay in the editor. The Code Analyzer, Syntax highlighting and even variable renaming still works after turning it off, the only thing that does not seem to work is code navigation (the Go To Button for functions and the 'Open Function Name' command in the context menu).
My question is if it is possible to somehow create a custom button in the Matlab UI to quickly toggle the Code Parser Services on/off, instead of having to use the console every time.
(The optimal solution would be to enable the Code Parse Services only when needed, e.g. when actually clicking on the Go To Button or on the 'Open Function' entry in the context menu, since I never need code navigation while actually typing in the editor. But I suppose there is no easy way to do that in Matlab.)
thanks & best regards, Paul

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