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i have written code for color filtering method for cfa images based on gradient.

Asked by ARUN SAI
on 24 May 2013

This is the code written for color filtering method for CFA images based on Gradient. According to this project during image acquisition through single sensor digital camera, there may be some noise created during demosaicking process and also artifacts.which iam trying to remove it by gradient. After running the program, iam getting the simulation result as that there is no noise in the image according to the code.*so suggest me if any correction in the code ie, after the comment regarding TH enumeration variable *

 for i=2:1:m-1
    for j=2:1:n-1
 A1=abs(r(i-1,j-1)-r(i+1,j+1)); % horizontal internal gradient
 B1=abs(r(i-1,j+1)-r(i+1,j-1)); % vertical internal gradient
 for i=3:1:m-2
    for j=3:1:n-2
        A2=abs(2*g(i,j)-g(i-1,j-2)-g(i+1,j+2)); % horizontal external gradient
        B2=abs(2*g(i,j)-g(i-2,j-1)-g(i+2,j+1)); % vertical external gradient

% to find existence of edge or influence of the noise TH (enumeration variable) is used for noise that in the up and down or in any point of g(i,j)

 for k=2:2:m-1
    for l=3:2:n-1
 up=(A1<B1) & (eq(A2,B2)) & eq(max(abs(2*r(k,y)-r(k-1,l)-r(k+1,l))),l-1);    %up says that g(i,j-1) is the noise
 down=(A1<B1) & (eq(A2,B2)) & eq(max(abs(2*r(k,y)-r(k-1,l)-r(k+1,l))),l+1); %down says that g(i,j+1) is the noise
 left=(A1>B1) & (eq(A2,B2)) & eq(max(abs(2*r(x,l)-r(k,l-1)-r(k,l+1))),k-1); %left says that g(i-1,j) is the noise
 right=(A1>B1) & (eq(A2,B2)) & eq(max(abs(2*r(x,l)-r(k,l-1)-r(k,l+1))),k+1);
%right says that g(i+1,j) is the noise
 no=(eq(A1,B1)) & (eq(A2,B2)); 
%no says that there is no noise and also no edge 
 level=(A1>B1) & (A2>B2); 
% level says that there is a edge in vertical direction
 erect=(A1>B1) & (A2<B2);
% erect says that there is a edge in horizontal direction
 p=[1 2 3 4 5 6 7]
 TH=[up down left right no level erect]

is it right way to find the existence of noise and edges in a color image ie, horizantal and vertical gradient in horizantal and vertical direction


what i mean by saying o/p(output) is after running the program.

No image posted yet, and not crystal clear yet.

image i am using mandi.tif which is raw image in matlab library

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