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please help, I want to make comparative loop

Asked by Brwa
on 24 May 2013

Hi everyone, I have 2 problems.

1-I want to plot a figure for each value of y its mean i should have 10 figures, i tried many cases but i only got 1 figure.

2- i want to get max(y) for each iteration. then max y for all iteration and i want to know the max y belong to which step.

M = eye(2,2);
C = [ 2 3; 1 5];
t = 1:1:10
for i = 1:1:10
     y = M * C
     plot (t, y)
     y1 = max(y)     
     y2 = max(y1(1,:)) %   scalar
     y3 = max(y2) %  this is the max among all values of y for all steps
                  %  for y3 i want to know its belong to which row in y2 ?
Thanks for your help, your help always appreciated


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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 24 May 2013
 Accepted Answer

1) Before your plot() call, insert



In the loop,

y2(i) = max(y1(1,:));

After the loop,

[y3, y3row] = max(y2);


But you're not changing C inside the loop - it's the same every single iteration.

so, how can i change it ? Sorry Im new in matlab.

in the example i just right down one matrix for C but actually i got C from another loop so its more than one matrix. does this program always use one of C matrices or each time will change C?

The way you wrote the code, there is only one C so it will use only that one C.

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Answer by Brwa
on 24 May 2013

 Thank you  Mr Walter Roberson, both of them works well.

thanks alot, wish you the best


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