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How to convert unsigned integer 16 bit to decimal number

Asked by Jim
on 25 May 2013


what is the difference between unsigned integer 16 bit

How can I convert uint16 to decimal number in matlab?

Thanks Jim


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2 Answers

Answer by the cyclist
on 25 May 2013
Edited by the cyclist
on 25 May 2013

A uint16 is a 16-bit unsigned integer. You can read lots and lots of details about data types in MATLAB on this page:

The default data type for most MATLAB calculations is "double", a double-precision real number. To convert a uint16 to a double:

x = double(xu16)


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Thanks for your reply. what is the need of adding zero to uint16. what exactly going on in this operation

Thanks jim

@Jim, I think Walter had in mind that doing this operation would add zero to the 16-bit unsigned integer variable xu16, but would also convert x a double. [But that did not work for me when I ran it.]

Dang promotion rules. It works for logical and char

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Answer by Jan Simon
on 26 May 2013

The meaning of the type UINT16 is explained in:

help uint16
doc uint16

While UINT16 variables can contain integer values between 0 and 2^16-1, they are displayed as decimal numbers as doubles, singles and the other integer types also. Binary or octal numbers would be non-decimal.


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