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Using PSO with Munkres Algorithm.

Asked by Nirmal
on 25 May 2013
Latest activity Edited by Walter Roberson
on 8 Jan 2016

The following matrix is the input for my problem for which i have to find the order which incurs minimum cost

       1   2   3   4   5   6
   1 [inf  8   8   5   2   8;
   2   8  inf  6   3   9   3;
   3   8   6  inf  6   8   3;
   4   5   3   6  inf  6   4;
   5   2   9   8   6  inf  8;
   6   8   3   3   4   8  inf]
 I have found the output as cost=16 and the order to be 5-4-6-2-1-3 using munkres algorithm.

Now my problem is that i have to do this using PSO. Either i can implement it along with munkres algorithm or with PSO alone.

I have no clue as how to do it with PSO. Pls help friends. thanks in advance.


What do the elements in the matrix represent?

The elements give the pair wise distance of the points.

Are you sure this is an "assignment" calculation and not a shortest-path problem? The Munkres algorithm is polynomial but is for the "assignment" problem, whereas shortest path is an example of the class of problem that has no known polynomial time algorithm and yet has not been proven to take exponential time.

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