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Huffman code procedure without using in built functions

Asked by faraz.a
on 26 May 2013

Hello i want a code that generates a huffman procedure for symbols N(N<=1000) or more without using any built in functions like huffman hufflen anything like that. PLease can any one help me with that. I want in matlab

Also i need to convert a program from java to matlab is there any site which converts it? I will really appreciate your help thank you


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 26 May 2013

Did you try searching the File Exchange?

I have not heard of any program that converts java to MATLAB. You can call Java routines from within MATLAB.


Did you follow the link I gave?

i guess in all of them they using built in functions to generate the code!

Your guess is wrong. The link I gave in reference to the sample implementations is to routines that do not use built-in huffman routines.

But see also

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