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How to do 2D array interpolation

Asked by Pranjal Pathak on 26 May 2013

Hi, I have a 2d array of values of dimension 4x4, and I would like to do a bilinear interpolation upto a dimension of 1024x1024. I would be very grateful, if anyone helps me in this regard.

The 2d array is:

    A=[0.0169    0.5876    0.4689    1.0000;
       0.5989    0.6525    0.3475    0.3559;
       0.5706    0.6525    0.3814    0.3616;
         0       0.5537    0.4011    0.8644];

Thanking You!


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1 Answer

Answer by Matt J
on 26 May 2013



Thanks Matt for your reply, but this command did not run in my Matlab version R2008a showing an error as :Undefined function or variable 'griddedInterpolant'. Is there any command or way to do this?

Thanking You!

 result = interp2(A,x(:),x);

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