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How to make calculations between two specific files via loop?

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Ivan Mich
Ivan Mich on 12 Mar 2021
Commented: Ivan Mich on 12 Mar 2021
I have a question about a code. I have in a directory some .xlsx files and some .txt files. I want to make calculations between xlsx files and .txt files. The problem is that I want to make these calculations via a loop depending on the name characters.
I want my code to
1)Read xlsx files and txt files
2)Make calculations between files that have only the same 4 characters of their name (for example one file has name: 'AGR3upto10km.xlsx' and the one other 'AGR3upto10kmmeano10km.txt' - I mean "AGR3")
I want to do operations only between files that have the first 4 characters in their names same. After that I want to find the other two characters with the same 4 characters in their name and make operations etc..
I use importdata for .txt and xlsread for .xlsx files
Could you please help me?
Ivan Mich
Ivan Mich on 12 Mar 2021
Look, I have as I said multiple .txt and .xlsx files. I want to take 2 files (one .txt and one .xlsx) that have same 4 charactres of their name. (Lets say 'AGR3upto10km.xlsx' and the one other 'AGR3upto10kmmeano10km.txt' ) . after that I want to take files 'GRA3upto10km.xlsx' and the one other 'GRA3upto10kmmeano10km.txt' and make calculations. etc

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 12 Mar 2021
Folder = 'C:\Your\Folder';
XLSList = dir(fullfile(Folder, '*.xlsx'));
TXTList = dir(fullfile(Folder, '*.txt'));
TXTName = {};
for k = 1:numel(XLSList)
name = XLSList(k).name;
match = strncmp(TXTName, name(1:4), 4);
if nnz(match) ~= 1
fprintf('No unique match for %s\n', name);
TXTFile = fullfile(Folder, TXTName{natch});
XLSFile = fullfile(Folder, name);
... Now do what you want with them

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