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I couldn't extract foreground of background in thermal image

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fatemeh on 8 Jun 2013
Hi everyone,
I am working on breast thermal image.I want extract foreground of background But because very low contrast my images,I couldn't extract them of background.I use histogram equalizing but forground to background have overlap.another work on this images,use of chan-vese algorithm than beacuse of very low contrast and Not delimited this method not success and region dark not include foreground.I'm going to work to computer vision image segmentation method than called "Probabilistic aggregation" or "split and merge" but I saw result example of this method and I think this method fail on my images because low contrast them.I want two of images send you but I saw not anything for attach. would you mind robust propose method send me in case this thermal images to low contrast so that extract foreground of background Including dark part or introduce another valid source or anything else.?
regards, Fatemeh

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 8 Jun 2013
Digital mammography has had a massive amount of research done on it over the last 30 years or so. No need to reinvent the wheel. Go here:,%20CAT,%20MRI,%20Ultrasound,%20Heart%20Models,%20Brain%20Models for some citations to published methods. I suggest you pick one of those.

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