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How to find the range in the form of (a, b) of this function?

Asked by Michael
on 9 Jun 2013

The range of f = (7*x +sin(x))/(x^2 + x + 2) is of the form [a,b]. Give a and b correct to two decimal places

edit - Not a homework question. Its a Test question for revision, has me stumped

so far, I have this

clear all 
syms x
hold on 
fplot(@fun2, [-6 6]);
hold off
x1 = fminbnd(@fun2, -6, 6);
y1 = fun2(x1)
y1 = sprintf('%0.2f',y1);
x2 = fminbnd(@fun2_neq, -6,6);
y2 = fun2_neq(x2)
y2 = sprintf('%0.2f',y2)

But wouldn't I need to specify fun2_neq and fun2 in different mfiles? Also, what would I specify it as?

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Homework? If so, what have you done so far?

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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 9 Jun 2013
 Accepted Answer

You're missing a parenthesis. Is the 7*x over the quadratic, or just the sin is over the quadratic? Please fix the parentheses, then plot over -100 to 100 or something and see the shape of the curve. Make sure you use ./ instead of / and .^ instead of ^ and then you can do it without a loop, in just 3 lines of code (like I did). (Actually the range is the same no matter where you put the missing parenthesis.)


Regarding your clarification, is there a range of x specified? Otherwise you can just look at the formula, see where the denominator goes to zero, and immediately know the range. And you won't need 2 decimal places to specify it.

Yes I guess that would be appropriate, yet the matlab code to back it up would be missing so it'd most likely not work out as easily as you say.

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