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Kinematic Analysis of 5dof Manipulaor Arm Simscape MultiBody

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I have a 5DOF manipultor, that I have successfully imported into simulink using the multibody toolbox. However, I am trying to the perform forward and inverse kinematic analysis of the manipultor to ensure what I have done myself is correct. There is an example for these calculations on the help center, but for someone who has very little experience with robotics they are difficult to wrap the head around. I do wonder if there is a way to import the code required to perform the kinematics automatically from the screen shown in the attached photo. Alternativly, does anyone know of or have an example that I could see to try and understand this pretty difficult topic?
Any help would be appreciated enormously!!

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy on 31 Mar 2021
Hi Joe,
Cool to see that you use Simscape Multibody. You need to set the joints in kinematic mode to accomodate the prescribed motion. The look up table contains information that you can include in a acript for all of your 5 DOF. Then, in the robotic toolboxes, you may find more advanced and automatic ways for path/duty planning.
Hope this gives you an indication on how to proceed.
BR Juan
ic path for specific robot types.

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